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Far - Field Wireless Technology  

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Smart Wireless Power

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We Trickle Charge Batteries from a Distance

1 mAh to >

Far-Field RF Wireless Charging

True Mobility


IOT Sensors 

Smart IoT Dashboards

  •  Performance 
  •  Personalization 
  •  Embedded IoT Connectivity 
  •  AI 
  •  High data rates and low latency
  •  Plug & Play

 For the Internet of Things, or any control system, the dashboard or IoT dashboard is the key HMI (Human-Machine Interface) component that organizes and presents digital information from our physical world into a simply understood display on a computer or mobile device. With the help of IoT Dashboards, users and operators can (remotely) monitor and control specific assets and processes, and depending on safety requirements, access and control an environment from anywhere in the world.  

Smart Engineering

Energy Harvesting Engineering

  “Through determined engineering, we will conjoin the highest efficiency energy harvesting technology attainable, with the most efficient conversion electronics available. 

  The products that follow will  support a myriad of small electronic devices, with energy from multiple sources, including many different wireless technologies, simultaneously.  


Smart Wireless Power


Global Induction

A RF Harvesting Company

A Smart Wireless Energy Harvesting Company

 “We are not going to change the Laws of Physics, we are going to use them.” 


Using the past to define and design the future of wireless technology, and energy harvesting technologies. Smart Power.


energy harvesting

RF-to-DC power conversion


 Energy Harvesting Technologies will change Wireless Technology. 

Smart Wireless Power.


Wireless Energy Harvesting

   “The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.” ― Nikola Tesla  

  Smart Wireless Power

Steve Jobs

Co-Founder of Apple Computer

What We are Developing

Ambient Energies Corporation innovation in RF energy harvesting technology breaks new ground in remote, wireless power by broadening the scope of RF energies captured, increasing the efficiency of converting the RF energy to DC power regardless of where the user is geographically located.

 Our smart wireless power technology trickle charges rechargeable batteries through our unique antenna system that's adaptable to all electronics that use  rechargeable batteries. 


"The clues to the answers can be found by those who have the eyes to see"



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Smart Wireless Charging at A Distance

Smart IoT Dashboard Devices

Smart Delivery Drones

Smart Electric Vehicles

Medical Device and Sensors

Smart Theme Parks

Smart Airports

Smart Hospitals

Smart Sports Stadiums

Smart Defense Applications

Smart Skyscrapers

Smart Grid Sensors

Agriculture Sensors

Building Automation Sensors

Battery Free Wireless Sensors

Wireless Electric Power

Smart Homes


The Future is Ours

Ambient Energies Corporation

A Startup Technology Company


We are looking for Women and Men in the Sciences and Business arena, to help change the technology paradigm!


We are looking for a few Industry Advisors to keep us on course and grow!


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